Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is hair that generally varies from straight to wavy curly in texture and has not been chemically altered or processed i.e. bleached, dyed, straightened or chemically curled. Hair that has been textured with a high pressure steam method is still considered virgin because no chemicals were used.

What is "Remy" Hair?

Remy hair refers to the composition of the hair in which the cuticle after being collected from the donor remains intact. Keeping the cuticle intact protects the hair and helps prevent damage. Virgin Remy is soft 100% natural hair that has not been chemically altered for color or texture. It is long lasting and less likely to become tangled than non-virgin remy. Therefore, it is most often preferred over non-virgin remy hair.

Why is it important to keep the cuticles intact?

Cuticles are strong, transparent microscopic cells located in the outer most part of the hair shaft. These cells overlap and are responsible for protecting the hair inner structure from damage, controlling the hydration of each fiber while providing the healthy shine. Therefore, by keeping the cuticles intact, the hair can be dyed and chemically processed (recommended by a professional) just like you would your very own hair.

How much hair do I need?

The average person needs approx. 11oz - 12oz (depending on the length of the hair) for a full install and 3.5oz - 4oz for a partial install.

  • 12" - 14" = recommend approx. 2 bundles 7oz - 8oz
  • 16" - 22" = recommend approx. 3 bundles 11oz - 12oz
  • 24" - 30" = recommend approx. 4 bundles 14oz - 15oz

Can I curl or straighten the hair?

Yes? If you like versatility in style and must curl or straighten the hair, use a quality heat protectant on the hair first. Excessive heat can damage and dry out the hair. However, it is better to initially order the style of hair you prefer most rather than trying to alter it with heat. Please Note: Straight coarse hair holds curl longer than soft hair.

Can I dye or color the hair?

Yes! Virgin hair can be colored, dyed or bleached. You must exercise precautions when chemically altering the hair since it is not attached to the scalp and can not retain its own moisture. Therefore, you must keep the hair hydrated and deep conditioned at least 1 - 2 times per week.

What is Co-washing?

Co-washing is the use of a moisturizing conditioner to wash the hair in lieu of shampoo. This process rehydrates and moisturizes without stripping the hair. Don't do this process more than once or twice a week as not to over-condition the hair. Works well on curly or wavy style hair.

Do you have a Wholesale/Referral Program?

Yes! Email us for more information.