Why Choose HairWeaveGotIt?

Our web-based company is dedicated to providing premium quality hair for our customers who desire to wear nothing but the best. Our founder, a licensed cosmetologist and master esthetician, has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. After serving thousands of customers and listening to their hairweave complaints, she decided to embark on a journey to open a web-based business that would provide natural premium hair at affordable prices.

Get to Know HairWeaveGotIt

Welcome to HairWeaveGotIt! We are an excellent source of quality virgin, raw and processed human hair. After years of wasting money purchasing poor quality hair from local and international vendors, we set out on a quest to find the best hair available in the US and abroad. Through our research, we've discovered high-quality hair at bargain prices. We primarily sell raw human hair imported from Russia, South America, India, and the Philippines as well as remy (processed) hair imported from various Asian countries.

Customers choose HairWeaveGotIt because of the quality of our product and the option to customize any order. If you want more versatility with processed hair, we offer a wide variety of textures, colors, lengths, and styles to suit your needs. We carry wavy, curly, straight, and even coarse hair for fuller hairstyles or just to add body. Be creative and mix hair features to create a dynamic layered effect. The possibilities are endless!

Since we are a boutique, we are also able to offer a personal touch. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction.